Popular Gloucestershire band with caller for ceilidhs and barn dances

Event Planning

If your unfamiliar with barn dances or ceilidhs (pronounced kay-lees) and how they can make your  event a success, here’s a guide

Why have a barn dance or ceilidh?

A ceilidh or barn dance is a great idea for a variety of social events. These  include fund raisers, wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversaries and corporate shin-digs. They’re particularly good for breaking the ice at weddings where people from families and friends may be meeting for the first time.

Dancing experience is not required and the dance steps are easy to pick up. Dances have a particular pattern or structure, and will usually be based on lines, squares or circles. Each dance may see you dancing in a series of small groups or one big circle.

Better still, our caller will guide you through the steps and moves for each dance. But what if you get them wrong? No problem as the dance carries on and you can catch up – it’s very much expected, and all part of the fun :>)

How much space do I need?

It depends on how many people will be dancing. As a rule of thumb a village hall, large hotel reception room, or even a barn should suffice. If you let us know what your requirements are, or even email us a picture of the venue, we will be happy to advise as to its suitability.