Popular Gloucestershire band with caller for ceilidhs and barn dances


If you’re a beginner – or you feel many of your audience will be beginners – we can come up with suggestions for dances that will suit your needs. And of course, our calle will take you through each dance step-by-step on the night. In other words, no prepration is needed – other than letting your hair down and having a good time on the night!

Scottish Dancing

If you want a specific genre of dances, such as Scottish Reels, we can play for the classic dances such as The Gay Gordons, The Dashing White Sergeant, Hamilton House, the Duke of Perth, the Eightsome Reel and the Reel of the 51st Division.

However, the Odd Piece Band is happy to accommodate any suggestions for other dances that you may have and look forward to discussing your ideas in advance of the event